Air Freight

Airfreight is fast-moving, challenging and constantly changing – it’s the nature of the business. Around the globe capacity and demand can change in the blink of an eye so it’s essential to have a partner who provides stability and reliability to maintain your supply chain’s total integrity. Whether your shipments fly in the bellies of commercial planes or require specialist freighter aircraft to move them, CEVA can provide tailor-made solutions for your all your airfreight.

Air Freight & Air Chartering TLS’s activities extend into the provision of the Airfreight and Aircharter facilities. As an Airfreight company, TLS has handled over 600 Mtons of urgent airfreight cargo using aircrafts such as the Ilyushin 76, and the Antonov 124. With their sister company, United National Oil Services – UNOS, Copperchase are currently operating the Aviation Fuel Services at Najaf Al Ashraf International where it has special access and contacts with all of the inter-airport facilities. Copperchase is able to ensure that cargoes received at the airport are efficiently and expeditiously processed by Customs without delay or complication.